New Manager Tip: Identify Your Leadership Values

Let's Start With Stats on Bad Leaders

47% of direct reports want to quit.

93% Probability WILL be rated IN the bottom 10% of Productivity

3% probability WILL be rated a High Potential Leader

In his Forbes article The Shocking Statistics Behind Uninspiring Leaders, Joseph Folkman defined an uninspiring leader as “one who is rated by managers, peers, direct reports, and others at or below the 10th percentile on their ability to inspire and motivate others.” Don’t be that person.

We’ll try and help.

In this new blog series, New Manager Tips, I will share advice, best practices, and gems of wisdom for anyone who is new to a management role. Leading other people comes with a lot of responsibility. These tips will help.

This week’s tip: Identify Your Leadership Values

Values are our principles and standards. They are what is important to us. Many people find it important to be an honest and upright citizen. They value Integrity. If you like it when your friends are willing to consider new ideas, you value Open-Mindedness.

Establishing your very own leadership values will give you clarity on what is important to you as a leader and what kind of leader you want to be. Ideally, these core values will serve as a compass, guiding you throughout your leadership journey.

Create a Leadership Values Board using Canva

Vision Board Sample.png

Vision Boards are collages that people make to remind themselves of their goals. For example, if my goal were to save enough money to go on a beach vacation I would make a Vision Board with beautiful images of sandy sunshine to remind myself of why I should save money. Vision Boards should motivate and inspire.

A Values Board is similar, except instead of reminding you of a goal, it reminds you what is important to you. As a new manager, you should create a Leadership Values Board, a collection of things that are important to you as a leader.

Making a collage with magazines, newspapers, and other publications can be a fun arts and crafts project. If you prefer to go the electronic route, I recommend making your Leadership Values Board using Canva because you can download your project as an image. Canva is great since it has tons of templates, shapes, fonts, and other design elements to choose from. It also lets you save your image in multiple file formats. I recommend creating your Leadership Values Board with the ‘Instagram Post’ design.


Once you’ve created your Leadership Values Board, share it via social media. Let your friends and colleagues know that you have given thought to what you find important as a leader. You can use the image as a device wallpaper so you always see it. If you’re looking to replace your picture or bitmoji, you can also use it as a profile image.

Print it out and post it in your office or workspace. Be open to others asking you questions. Your Board could serve as a conversation starter and a way to keep yourself grounded. Whatever you do with the image, be sure that you display it with pride.

We would love to see what you come up with. Share with us online or via social.