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Leadership Training

Setup your new leaders for success.

Leadership courses can be delivered either in classroom or eLearning settings. 

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Action Planning 

Focuses on creating action plans for company initiatives through detailed planning, specific target setting, and timelines.

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Behavioral Coaching

Coaching is the only way to improve the behaviors of your employees.  This course provides leaders the skill sets to identify and coach to the behaviors of employees, in order to drive business results.

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Coaching Foundations

Coaching is an important part of every organization.  This course focuses on how to successfully coach and develop employees, from specific feedback techniques to goal setting.

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Change Management

How a leader handles change is directly related to the successful implementation of the change.  This course aids leaders in how to prepare for a change; as well as, help their employees through the stages of the change curve quickly and efficiently.

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GROW Coaching

A course dedicated to the GROW model for effective behavioral and performance based coaching.

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Handling Difficult Conversations

Often conversations do not turn out the way we had hoped. In this course, leaders will learn how to prepare, deliver and follow up when handling difficult conversations with employees.

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Help Me Help You

A course and tool designed to help leaders learn how employees liked to be coached, motivated, and supported.

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Improvement Performance Plans

Demonstrates to leaders how to prepare and deliver performance improvement plans in order to change behavior and drive business results.

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Leading Effective Team Huddles

Often times huddles or meetings can be more productive than they are. This course is designed to help leaders prepare and deliver effective and engaging team huddles or meetings.

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Performance Coaching

Are you a metrics driven company?  This course is designed to help leaders in effectively coaching to company metrics/KPIs while retaining employee commitment and motivation.

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Post Event Training

A course that teaches leaders how to support their employees once they have completed a training.  This course uses techniques to ensure accountability and that desired behavior changes from the training are being executed correctly by employees.

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A hands-on course where leaders learn how to prepare and deliver powerful presentations.

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Talk lean 

Leaders learn how to have concise conversations in order to maximize time and reduce unnecessary communication. 

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Time Management and Delegation

As a leader your day is filled with clashing priorities and duties.  Proper time management and delegation skills will help you make the most out of your day and team.  In this course, you will learn useful skills to help manage your time and help you in delegating to your employees, which aids in their own development.  See what we did here? Two birds, one class!

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Write Like a Leader

Leaders will learn to hone their written skills for the business world.  Focus is on email, reports, performance reviews, and more