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New Hire Training

Helping your new hires contribute quickly

New Hire Courses can be delivered either in classroom or eLearning settings. 

Company History and Culture


Designed based off your company’s unique history and culture. Prepares your employees for day one on the job with the important information they need to know!

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Soft Skills

Based off your unique products/services portfolio, we will work with you to develop a soft skill program that aids your employees in interacting with their client base.  From Consumer Sales to Business-to-Business to Customer Service, we can help your employees find the confidence to create positive experiences with your clients.

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A detailed training focusing on getting your new hires comfortable with your unique product(s)/service(s).  We will provide the knowledge to create experts of your company.

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Provides both an overview and hands-on experience with your systems.  From email clients to point-of-sales systems, we can aid your employees learn all the systems they need for their day-to-day position.