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Developing Mindful and Invested Employees is more than our tag line! At MYBLS, we strive to ensure that your team has effective training that develops your employees while driving results.  

To do this, we take a unique approach that engages learners of all ages and backgrounds.

In fact, at MYBLS, we believe training and learning never ends, so our methodology is designed to ensure that your team’s learning and development go far beyond the classroom. It all begins in the Needs Analysis phase. During this time, we work closely with your leadership to identify the gaps and areas of opportunities in your business. We focus on what you need trained and why that training is important. During the Needs Analysis phase, we identify the goals, learning objectives, style of delivery (i.e. classroom, eLearning/web-based, virtual, etc.), number of participants, and overall business needs in relation to the course (this process is critical to ensure the training is as effective as possible).  

Once we know what we will be training and why it is important for the success of your company, we will start to work on the training lifecycle. That’s right, the training lifecycle!  Like all things in life, every training has a lifecycle that we will take your employees through to ensure full understanding and successful application of new behaviors.

Pre-Training (The Introduction Phase)

Have you ever had to attend a training/meeting and had no idea beforehand what you were going to be learning/discussing? Based on that experience, do you feel you truly walked away with all the knowledge and/or skills that you could have? Was there an opportunity for you to learn and take more away?  

Well of course there was an opportunity to take more away!

There always is an opportunity to learn more. However, without having a proper introduction to what you will be learning, your employees may walk away confused, frustrated, and unsure how to apply what they did learn. Thus, with every training here at Mind Your Business Learning Solutions, you and your staff will get an introduction into what topic(s) will be covered in training. This brief introduction (delivered in a variety of unique, engaging ways – such as videos, games, memes, and more!) will introduce the topics being covered in class and get you and your team ready to learn. Think of this as a “Coming Soon to a Training Near You” preview. By introducing the subject, you get the participant to start to do some unconscious critical thinking to prepare them for the course discussion and activities.

Training (It’s Classroom/eLearning Time!)

Gone are the days of an instructor standing in front of a class and lecturing for hours! At least those days should be gone…

Its 2019 and we believe in engaging learners no matter age, background, and/or experience. Today’s workforce is made up of employees from all walks of life. Thus, our courses need to be as diverse as the learners they’re intended for. No matter if your employee is a Baby Boomer, Gen-Xer, or Millennial, our training courses (be it instructor led or web-based) will use every tool in our arsenal to ensure your team is engaged with their learning.   

First, all of our courses will include all the Adult Learning Styles. No matter in the classroom or web-based, your employees will be learning with a mixture of the following Adult Learning Styles:

  • Visuals – Visual learners need to see to believe. So, items like Videos, Memes, Engaging PowerPoints and more will be used to bring the content to life for Visual Learners.

  • Aural – Aural learners need to hear to learn. Using Podcasts, Audio Books, and the good old human voice in all our courses will pump up the knowledge for Aural Learners.

  • Kinesthetic – These learners learn hands on! All of our courses include multiple hands-on activities – yes, even our web-based trainings. This will ensure that our Kinesthetic Learners are building their skills one activity at a time.   

Now, ensuring we engage all Learning Styles is important, but we take it a step further. We believe the best way to learn is by having fun while doing it. To do this we use Modern Adult Learning Theories and Concepts to bring the class alive.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Gamification – turning learning into a game and a challenge.

  • Mobile Learning – Podcasts, Social Networks, YouTube, and more.  All available from a mobile device anywhere/anytime.

  • Micro Learning – quick, short blast of information to meet the demands of the ever-changing business landscape. Delivered in a consistent and on-going process.

Needless to say, your team won’t be walking out saying “well, that was a boring class.”

Post-Training (Follow-up and Support)

Training alone is not enough to get your employees to take what they learned and apply it to their job. In fact, according to the National Training Laboratory, adult learners only retain so much from training courses. Here is the breakdown of learner retention:

Lecture - 5%

Reading - 10%

Audio-Visual - 20%

Demonstration - 30%

Discussion - 50%

Practice by doing - 75%

As you can see the most effective way of retaining what was trained is by doing. Thus, follow-up after training is extremely important. At MYBLS, we help in taking out some of the leg work. By sending out “boosters,” we will aid not only your frontline employees but your management teams in taking and applying what they learned in class to their actual jobs. These “boosters” can be done in many fun and engaging ways. From short videos to action planning to hands-on practice activities, after training your employees will continue to be challenged by taking the skills they learned in class and applying them on the job. We will also sneak in some more new information in these “boosters” to ensure your team is continually growing their skills and knowledge.

During the Post-Training period, Mind Your Business Learning Solutions will work with your leadership team in tracking the impact the training had on your business results. We believe strongly that through our methodology, you will see results in general performance, increased metrics, and employee development. We will also guide you through identifying areas of opportunities for your team’s learning.

And if you happen to need a follow-up training to assist your team, we will gladly start the whole process over again…